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 Great news!  BWL has signed a contract that will allow First Degree Innocence and a combined version of my Sarah's novels, Sarah's Heart and Passion, to be carried by your local bookstores.  Please ask them to order copies.  I'm doing some leg work on this end to make it happen, but you can help.  Here are my new covers:


Cover Art for Betrayed by Michelle Lee 

 Rita Karnopp loves Betrayed


It goes without saying, Ginger Simpson is on the top of my favorite authors list.  Betrayed is a great example why I love this writer.  This story was based on true events, making it harder to believe embezzlement, credit card and bank account theft could happen all under the ruse of love.  Cassie Fremont put herself out there for love and on-line met a dashing cowboy, Evan Dennis.  Instead of being the answer to her dreams, he became the nightmare of her life. 

     The scary thing about this is, it could happen to any of us trusting, decent women who want nothing more than to find that someone special to share our life with.  When love is involved we can easily believe the lies – especially when he’s a smooth talking, handsome, Texas boy who has a believable answer for everything.  Cassie

 said it best when she told the police she was financially and emotionally raped.

     Simpson delivers a story with well-developed, believable characters that draw you in – directly to the heart.  I wanted Evan Dennis to get his just dues – but the reality Simpson shares isn’t all that easy.  I’m moved by this story and it keeps haunting me months after I finished reading ‘the end.’  It’s a must read – might I add this is the best book I read in 2013!  If I could give it ten stars – I would.



A fictional novel based on the real life experience of a
relationship gone horribly wrong.

The advertisement claimed, "Find your true love; 
we'll match you with the person of your dreams." 
 Irritating spam clogged her computer inbox. 
 "Free tonight?  Let's chat." Cassie Fremont thought
of hitting the trash button, but the promises were
 too alluring. Divorced and lonely, Cassie signs up
 for the on-line dating service. What she doesn't
 know is the cost of the ticket for her ride on the
 romantic roller coaster from hell.

 You aren't the first woman he’s lied to. When Cassie’s siblings present her with evidence, insisting what 
they've found proves her new beau  is a con-man, 
her world is shattered. Her happiness wanes.
 How can she possibly believe that this wonderful
 man who gave up a thriving business in Texas and
 moved to California to be with her isn't all he
 professes to be? The love she sees shining
 in Evan’s eyes can’t be false. Surely, her siblings are mistaken. Still, the warnings of her sister’s haunt
 Cassie’s thoughts: There have been others who 
have lost everything because of him.
 Faced with an ultimatum, Cassie must choose
 between her family and Evan. 

Previously published as Embezzled Love 

Available in Kindle and Print at:  

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