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The "working" Ginger Simpson retired from the University of California as an advocate for students.  While there, my involvement in editing and creating publications/forms led me to believe I could write a novel similar to those historical romances I loves so well.  And guess what!  My debut novel was published by small press in 2003.  Since then, I've written many more novels and novellas, all but one contracted for publication.  Writing is in my blood. Thanks to very thin blood.

Several of my works have been nominated for awards and recognized as yearly best reads on well-known romance sites.  The reviews I've received have been extremely favorable, until trolls starting leaving obvious non-read reviews to hurt those of us they feel are credible authors. My debut book received four stars from the Romantic Times Magazine, back when they weren't known for their kindness to e-books.  That set the tone for my continued creative juices.

 I strive to promote myself in as many ways possible, I maintain membership on Linkedin, Goodreads, Twitter, Triberr and Facebook.  I recently added Pinterest to the lot because it garners lots of attention. Besides my own website and blog, I strive to find guest slots to help keep my name in the reader's memory.  It's my belief that promotion is never-ending and the essential key to success. And if I have to tweet, I will, although I don't quite understand the entire process. 

 Born and raised in California, I never planned to leave, but at an early age, my grandson was diagnosed with developmental delays, and I moved to Tennessee.  I used to be his caregiver, but since Mom switched jobs, I don't see him nearly as much. Some days, I feel like part of me is missing, but I have to admit that writing to Spongebob, Thomas the Train, and Ninjago music isn’t as inspiring as the smooth jazz I generally enjoy. I take great delight in knowing I'm making a difference in Spencer’s life.  My husband, Kelly, is a wonderful supporter and my biggest fan.  He brags that he is the inspiration behind the romantic scenes in my books.  I refuse to confirm or deny his claim.

 I truly recognized a dream with the publication of my first book, but my real hope is to see my work more readily available to the general public. With the sudden growth of e books, I feel encouraged. Now a true senior citizen , I remind myself that a person is never too old to achieve their goals.  Grandma Moses is my heroine.

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